Jonathan Mauloubier

Jonathan Mauloubier

Wood Works
2019, Editorial, Product, Photography

A selection of innovative and sustainable products made from wood by the emerging scene design scene in Munich.

"Wood is a regional and traditional raw material, which is rediscovered as a preferred material due to global development and creates an incentive to once again address the questions of the limits and possibilities of wood in various disciplines. WOOD WORKS is devoted to the fields of design and architecture in an exhibition and uses models, designs and objects by selected designers to illustrate profound insights into innovative solutions that consciously turn away from the use of synthetic materials."

Selected Projects/ Atelier Seffen Kehrle, Friederike Daumiller, Max Neustadt, Arthur Desmet, Tobias Lugmeier, Joel Hoff, Caroline Perret, Charlotte Talbot
Text/ Christina Maria Ruederer
Graphic Design/ Atelier Noem Held
Font/ Our Polite Society, Dinamo
Location/ Holzrausch, Munich

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